Edgard & Cooper Doggy Dental Chews


DOG DENTAL STICKS FOR GOOD DENTAL HYGIENE: Air-dried for A LONG-LASTING CHEW TIME - Mint oil for FRESH BREATH - Calcium for STRONG AND HEALTHY TEETH. Recommended size, depends on the size of your dog: Dog <10kg - small sticks, Dog 10-25kg - medium sticks and Dog >25kg - large sticks. Suitable for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds, neutered or unneutered.

Mint for freshness

Dogs aren’t famous for their fresh breath. We use the natural power of mint to keep bad smells at bay.

Calcium for strength
Strong teeth are healthy teeth, so we add calcium to our sticks to keep your dog’s pearly whites full of fight.

Strawberry & coconut for flavour

Dental care shouldn't be dull. We choose plant-based flavours we know dogs love, so they keep chewing their way to a clean & healthy mouth.



potato (dried, 47.5%), potato starch (dried, 23.5%), vegetable glycerin, cellulose, minerals, strawberries (dried, 0.3%), blueberries (dried, 0.3%), coconut oil (0.1%), peppermint oil (0.05%), aloe vera (dried, 0.05%).

Technological additives/kg


Analytical constituents

crude protein 3%, crude fat 1%, crude fibre 4%, crude ash 4.8%, moisture 22%, calcium 0.5%.